Kobe Bryant buys a new Ferrari 458 Italia for $329,000

Kobe Bryant has a lot of discretionary income.  He put some of that into the economy recently when he purchased a new Ferrari 458 Italia. The black mamba paid CASH for it, handing over $329,000 per TMZ.

I wonder if Kobe is still taking the helicopter to games or will his new toy be spotted on the 5 from Newport Beach to Downtown LA.

Speaking of Bryant. Sunday night in the 4th quarter, Mike Brown benched mamba. The Lakers loss to the Memphis Grizzlies 102-96 in a game that was probably decided much earlier as the Lakers were flat out out hustled by the Griz who stopped a 3 game slide.

Both Bryant and Coach Brown down played the incident.

“It’s his decision to make. He’s the coach. If you guys are looking for a story, I’m not going to contribute to it,” Bryant said. “I can’t sit here and criticize his decisions. Leading this ball club, that’s not something I can afford to do. I had his back the whole season. I can’t start doing something crazy now. It would make no sense.”

“There was not one particular thing,” Brown said. “I just made the sub, went with Metta, sat [Bryant] for a couple of minutes and tried to go back to him. But it didn’t work.”

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