Kobe Bryant Attends ManU vs. FC Barcelona Match & ManU’s Rio Ferdinand Gets Jack Bauer’d

Kobe Bryant attended a ManU (Manchester United) vs. FC Barcelona exhibition soccer match in DC this weekend. Mamba also took to the field to show that he has a few soccer skills as well although from the photos, the level of his skill looks to be up for debate.

Prior to the match, Rio Ferdinand from ManU learned how serious the secret service at the White House is. Ferdinand was touring the white house and sharing twitpics as many do when he posted a photo to twitter of a secret service agent. I’ll let you read his tweets to see what happened after that.



yeahhh much like Federal Marshall’s on commercial flights, you aren’t supposed to ID these men. That’s funny though. Check out more photos of Kobe enjoying the festivities.

Rumor has it that Kobe will be participating in women’s soccer legend Mia Hamm’s charity game in DC today (Sunday)


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Video via I AM A GM