Kobe and Vanessa Hit Waffle House For Breakfast

Kobe Bryant is on his last tour of the NBA as a pro. We know the Lakers aren’t going anywhere this season, but that doesn’t mean Kobe can’t enjoy the ride.

Friday morning before the Lakers played the Atlanta Hawks, Kobe and his wife Vanessa hit up a southern staple, “Waffle House”

I’m not a fan of breakfast food but my husband insisted on taking me to visit a #WaffleHouse for the first time. #KB20 #FieldTrip #ATL ???????????? #Hashbrowns

While I am a fan of breakfast food, I will never understand the “Waffle House” hype… plus they don’t serve turkey sausage. Kobe and Vanessa hit up a few food spots while in the ATL. Per singer Monica’s recommendation they hit Busy Bees.

The Lakers went on to lose to the Hawks 100-87. Kobe scored 14 points. And then Kobe and Vanessa went to dinner.


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