KMichelle shares why she bypassed OchoCinco and what went wrong with JR Smith


Singer and reality star KMichelle has never been shy about expressing what goes on in her private life. In a recent interview with NecoleBitchie, the topic turned to KMichelle’s love life and some of the athletes she’s dated. K Michelle dished on what she doesn’t like about JR Smith, why she turned down Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson, and why Hornets Lance Stephenson is a good guy.

On J.R. Smith
J.R. isn’t a good guy, though. He started off a good guy but it was me. I tried to push him away. J.R. has his own mental issues and he started to take advantage of my kindness because you know, when a man knows he got you and you’re fighting for him, that’s when they clown. [After the radio interviews] he was like, ‘I got her and I’ma do this,’ and it was a little bit too much. And so what I don’t like about J.R. now is that, he can be in the same room with me and he’ll tell other players and stuff, ‘Oh my god, I gotta move because she’s going to be tryna bother me.’ Boy, don’t nobody want you! And the players you’re telling are actually really close to me so they’re laughing at you J.R. I don’t want you. Your girlfriend, whatever she is, please, she don’t have to call me no more!!!

On Ochocinco (Chad Johnson)
If I can’t write a song about you, I’m not gonna date you. That means you’re not inspiring me and it’s not gonna work. ‘Damn,’ for me was a record [about] Ocho trying to date me and it was a lot of ‘no’s,’ and I don’t listen to people but you do have to pay attention somewhat. I was like, ‘Damn, I’m feeling some type of way. Like, I want to try to get to know you and love you but not today.’ And that’s what ‘Damn’ was about. Like, ‘You’re cool but now is not the time for it,’ and that’s real.

His penis is so big Necole, I would not let him have sex with me. Because I did not want him to stretch my walls out because I need them. I need them. I looked at this penis and I said you know what, uh uh. I’m not- that thing is unreal. I can’t. I can’t take that.

He’s a cool, nice guy, he still is funny. But between that, I was not screwing him with that penis. And then on top of that, I just feel like he has his own healing and stuff to do. And I was going through my healing of situations and things like that. And it was right after Evelyn [Lozada]. So it wasn’t time for that. And she blocked me on Twitter. I love Evelyn. I’m like, ‘I ain’t got nothing to do with this Evelyn, I really like you.’ So you can unblock me Evelyn, I really do like you!

On her ex Lance Stephenson
Lance has matured, he has matured a lot [since we broke up.] He’s just different. I just see a whole different Lance when I talk to Lance right now. And we’re friends. And like I said, the last time we had sex, it was very passionate.

On if there is a chance she will get back with Lance

Well, Lance’s baby mother is a science project. I don’t know. Me and him are really getting to be friends. I think I rushed him into a relationship he wasn’t ready for. And now that I don’t rush him, now that we can just talk as friends- we can breathe. And we’re breathing as friends right now.

On what attracted her to Lance

Because Lance is so fun, he’s so funny. I love his dedication to his craft. All these athletes do stuff and that man doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t really drink, he gets up every morning no matter what and works out and that’s sexy to me. Someone who is that is into their craft and take it serious –that’s sexy. And I love his smooth skin. He’s really a great friend of mine. Never thought I would say that, but he is really a great friend of mine right now.

I recall KMichelle saying something similar about the size of JR Smith’s ego during her love phase. As for Chad, he co-signed K’s version of the events.
Chad's Tweet


Chad’s Johnson was allegedly leaked on the net a few times. If you’re interested, the truth is out there.

You can check the rest of the interview out at NecoleBitchie