KMichelle says JR Smith is “community p***s” [video]


KMichelle is clearing the air on why she posted JR Smith’s new girlfriend Ashley’s number on her Twitter feed over the weekend. In a recent sit down interview with Karen Civil, KMichelle explains that she doesn’t “know or care” about what the situation is with Smith and his new boo, but she doesn’t want to be involved in the foolishness. She also says Ashley should consider the fact that he’s “community penis”

“If he’s your man, honey, you don’t have to call and ask me about it, that’s not your man. He might be community penis, you don’t know. But I’m the wrong person to call. You’re going to get a rude awakening on the other end. Don’t call me about no mess, especially when I’m in a positive place.”

I agree, if you have to make the call then… Also ladies, unless you and that woman are friends, your issue should always be with YOUR man. After all, that’s who you’re in the relationship with.


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