KMichelle discovered her new boo Pacers Lance Stephenson while watching the NBA playoffs

Singer K Michelle and her new boo, Pacers stud Lance Stephenson have been going strong for a few months. In a recent interview, K Michelle revealed that in a round about way, it was her ex-Boo, Knicks star JR Smith, that was responsible for the pairing.

K Michelle noticed Lance during the NBA playoff series between the Knicks and Pacers.

“I was watching the game, and saw this chocolate man busting J.R. Smith’s ass in the process. He was fine” It was in that moment, the “Love & Hip-hop” star decided “that she had to have him.”


KMichelle started following him on Twitter and Vine – he was already following her – Lance already had his eye on her and eventually left his phone number for her in her Vine comments and the rest is history.

See what watching sports can do for you ladies!