KMichelle Beefs With Bulls Taj Gibson’s Baby’s Mama On Instagram [Photos]

Reality TV star KMichelle is no stranger to dating NBA players and the drama that comes along with it. KMichelle has had public spats with her ex, .

” href=””>Knicks star JR Smith, went at another ex, Pacers Lance Stephenson in interviews and posted JR’s girlfriend Ashley’s phone number on Twitter.


So it shouldn’t surprise you that she’s having a public spat with another NBA… umm I’m not certain if she’s a girlfriend or baby’s mama, so I’ll just say she’s NBA affiliated. KMichell and Bulls’ Taj Gibson apparently had a “thing” a few years back. Late Friday night, KMichelle and the young lady went at it in the comments of a mutual friend’s Instagram post.



My stance on this is always the same, blame your man. He’s the one that was in the relationship. Are there certain exceptions to this? Absolutely, she was your friend, etc. But blaming the woman never works out well. Plus, everyone should know by now that KMichelle is a tad “tick-tick-boom”

photos via Instagram, Screen shots via MTO

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