Kita & Monique Attempt To Clear Up The Rumors About Terrell Owens Knee Injury [Video]

Recently I mentioned that Terrell Owens had knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. Although there was no official statement released as to how the injury happened. Speculation and a “source” have said that the injury occurred while T.O. was shooting his reality show. The third season of the show was to feature T.O. and Kita Williams (one half of his dynamic PR duo) as roommates in Miami while Terrell is sorting through his love life, being without a team (again) and his new business venture, a women’s fitness workout (is your light bulb flashing yet?)

Over the weekend Kita and Monique were asked about the injury and it’s origins on a red carpet. Let’s just say that the response did nothing to make the situation clear. In fact, I think I’m even more confused!


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