Kiss-Cam Gone Wrong Or Clever Stunt? [Video]


During Wednesday’s night’s thrilling match up between the Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks, the court wasn’t the only place with a surprise ending.

By now, everyone is familiar with the “Kiss cam” which is a favorite of sporting events. The camera men finds two people in the crowd, their shown on the screen and encouraged to smooch it up to the delight of the crowd. However, the ending to this couple’s 2 seconds on the screen has some wondering if this was a set up.

First and foremost, just go ahead and slide me $100 if that happened to me. You know black women don’t play when it comes to their hair. Second, this is an obvious set up, the woman was clearly extending her arm to ensure the beer spilled on the couple in front of them. The question is, who staged this, and why?