Kim Kardashian Inks a 7 Figure Deal With Sketchers

The Kardashian train keeps moving. Kim and her mother Kris Jenner (who also manages Kim, her sisters Kourtney & Khloe and Khloe’s husband, Lakers Forward Lamar Odom) have entered into a 7 figured deal with Sketchers.

The mother-daughter duo will be the face of the brands shape up line and will kick off the 2011 campaign Shaping up with the Kardashians challenge that will urge fans to shape up for the New Year.

“Shape-ups have already impacted my fitness routine for the better,” Kim tells E! News. “I am always on-the-move and never know exactly when I can fit in my next workout.”

Kris added, “I am constantly on my feet, running from one appearance to the next, but with Shape-ups, I am always working out, even when I’m working.”

Can’t wait to see what Kris will do for Lamar now that she’s his official manager. I’ve mentioned the Kardashian affect before. Has Reggie been featured in anything since he and Kim split? Seeeeeeee, the theory is REAL!