Khloé Kardashian And James Harden Are Still Boos


Khloé Kardashian is supporting her estranged husband Lamar Odom as he recovers from a drug overdose. The two have stopped their divorce preceding even though Kardashian had started a new relationship with Houston Rockets all-star James Harden.


Khloé is getting hate from all sides because some feel she’s only supporting Lamar for a story line on her family’s E! reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Khloe took to Twitter to defend herself and clarify comments from a People magazine interview that was schedule before Lamar’s medical crisis.


Others are mad that she hasn’t completely stopped her relationship with Harden. E! is reporting that Harden is understanding of Khloe’s situation and he’s being patient.

“Khloe and James never broke up. He’s been so understanding and he knows that Khloe’s love for Lamar is deeper than what most people can understand,” a source tells us.“He’s been very understanding and supportive. Lamar has a long road ahead of him and Khloe will always have the love she has for Lamar.”

a second source says, “Khloe is committed to helping Lamar with his recovery…She’s giving all of her time and emotion to Lamar and has dedicated her life to helping him right now.”

I think Khloe is doing the right thing. His family hasn’t said anything against her actions so far except for his father Joe Odom. Joe claims that she’s the reason why he hasn’t been able to see Lamar since he’s been in LA at Cedars. But according to TMZ Sports, Lamar’s condition has improved enough so that he decides who can visit.