Kevin Durant Sued By Woman Claiming She Arranged Flights & Hotels For The Work With No Payment


Every athlete or celebrity needs a “FOH,” friend of the hoes. That person’s job is to always have new work on deck for the athlete. “The Work” is another word athletes use to describe groupies or women whose sole purpose is sex and fun.  The FOH is a subset of athlete’s “Professional Friends.” Another duty is to take care of  the ever rotating roster of women they accumulate. Some FOH’s are compensated well, some just do it for the halo perks.  Today’s example of an athlets-FOH friendship gone wrong involves Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant and a travel agent.

Lynn Swanson claims from 2007-2012, she “secretly” booked flights and hotels for various women on behalf of KD and his entourage


TMZ Sports obtained a lawsuit Durant filed against Lynn Swanson back in September — claiming she overcharged him by at least $500,000 for work she did from 2007 to 2012. 

But Swanson fired back in docs of her own, filed in March, claiming she earned every penny from KD — by taking all of Kev’s high-maintenance requests … including late-night calls, last minute requests and confidential arrangements for special ladies. 

In the docs, Swanson says she “not only paid numerous speeding tickets and parking tickets for the Durant team, she would also confidentially book flights and make hotel arrangements for numerous women and others on behalf of the Durant entourage — No Questions Asked!”

She counter-sued Durant for no less than $100k for her troubles. 

Last month both parties dropped their suits and it appears that a settlement has been reached. to quote Chirs Brown, “these hoes ain’t loyal.” The male or female variety. It’s highly possible that maybe KD wasn’t aware of some of the flights and hotel rooms booked by his entourage. Sometimes when you give people the green light, they forget to check in and make sure it’s ok for them to drive that day.