Kevin Durant & Brandon Jennings Engage In Some Harmless Twitter Beef

One of my favorite things about Twitter is that some days, it’s like sitting in the gym listening in on those conversations players have when they’re waiting for their next game.

Brandon Jennings and Kevin Durant had an exchange on Twitter last night that covered; Why it’s ok for Kobe to play for the Drew-if a part 2 happens, If Josh Selby “cooked” Jennings in a pick game and California having the most NBAers… For the record, it’s LA county that has the most, but once you throw in Northern Cali, it’s ridiculous. Every city has had their shine with NBA ballers New York, Chicago, Detroit… it’s just the West Coast’s time to shine.

Check out the exchange.

if you’re confused about the JaVale McGee thing. His mom went to USC and played for the Sparks but she’s from Flint, Michigan. Not sure which he rolls with.

That was fun.

Contrary to popular belief, I think a little trash talk enhances the game. Shows that he opponents are vested in the outcome. Not just collecting a check (in the case of the NBA)


Curtsy to I Am A GM for capturing the Tweets