Kevin Durant Addresses Tattoos, Bulls Hat Controversy & More [Video]

Kevin Durant is a legitimate NBA superstar. The 23 year old has shown off his love of the game this summer by hooping all across the United States in various summer leagues as well as giving Chinese fans a taste of his game. He’s what most say they want from a professional athlete; a hard worker, team player and humble.

Along with the gift of superstar status is the curse of over-scrutiny. Recently fans were worked into a tizzy behind KD’s tatts, him wearing a Chicago Bulls hat and him cheering for his college team. KD recorded a video response to address it.


Kevin is a really chill, laid back individual, just shows you people will make a huge deal out of ANYTHING.

How sweet is it that he’s saving a spot for his wife’s name. The fact that he’s thinking marriage at such a young age shows the maturity level. KD