Kerry Rhodes wants you to know his situation is “real” [photo]


NFL free agent Kerry Rhodes is still trying to convince you that those leaks from Hollywood Simpson aren’t the truth. Kerry posted a photo of his hand and the hand of a “mystery” woman on an island vacation to his Facebook page. The caption reads “No caption. Just real.” Le sighhhhh. Kerry, where do we begin?

Let’s start off with the fact that ultimately, I believe it’s his business and he doesn’t have to address it. BUT, the fact that he continues to subliminally battle the rumors says that to some degree, he A. cares and B. wants to talk about it. So, let’s discuss.

Kerry, My suggestion to you would be to just stop dropping hints about your romantic life. You missed your window to go the Jason Collins route – if that was in fact you “thing.” So, just skip all  the covert love affairs and either keep your private life underwraps PERIOD or go balls out with it. Shoot a web reality series about you and your lady love dealing with the perils of the NFL, free agency and a bird – albeit a gay one for a twist – trying to take down your happy home.

Last bit of advice, no more floating rumors that you smashed a celebrity… in this case Kim K. She has enough drama, don’t drag her into your mess.

I guess they forgot the prop ring. That’s her left hand, right?