Kenyon Martin Wishes Haters “Full Blown AIDS”, But Why?

Add Kenyon Martin to the list of athletes that Twitter proved to be too much for. Kenyon went off on a tirade where he told his Twitter followers that he hoped “all the haters in the world got full blown AIDS and died”

While some are saying look more reasons to end the lockout… I’m asking the question, What do you think was said to him to make him go off in this fashion? Am I condoning it? No, it’s childish. But if you’ve ever taken a glance at an athlete’s mentions after a loss. Or even during the current lockout, I guarantee you that there are far more heinous things being hurled at these guys. About their life, families, etc. 

Am I certain this is what happened with K-Mart? No but, he deleted his Twitter following this mini-rant. He’s over in China right now, I’d imagine closing himself off from the states, no matter how much he’s being paid, isn’t going to help as he adjust to the time change, food and general lack of familiarity he’s experiencing. But Twitter might have…