“Kenyon Martin stalker” wanders onto court during Lakers vs. Nuggets [video]

Sunday night during the Lakers vs. Nuggets game, a 20-year-old woman named Savannah McMillan-Christmas walked onto the court screaming “where’s Kenyon?” The woman had allegedly been previously banned from the Pepsi Center for stalking the former Nuggets player and current Clipper Kenyon Martin.

McMillan-Christmas was released into the custody of her mother and will appear in court on Monday. Pretty scary situation when you consider she made it all the way to the three-point line on the court. A better question, if a fan has been banned from the arena, what controls does their security have in place to enforce that? Or is it more so ban and hope they don’t show up and if they do, hope they don’t act out?

She must not be too big of a Kenyon fan (or a Nuggets fan) Kenyon has been gone for over a year.

Lakers take this one, 92-88 to go up 3-1 over the Nuggets. Game 5 is Tuesday at Staples Center