Kenyon Martin Clarifies Rumors About He & Trina Reuniting

Just last week we saw pictures of the Nuggets Kenyon Martin hanging out on set with his Ex-girlfriend Trina for her “Look back at it” video shoot. Wait, I’m sorry, I need a moment, that whole statement is funny to me.

Anyway, after the holiday weekend, Kenyon- fresh from Vegas- took to Twitter with a response to the speculation that he and “The Baddest Chick” are seeing each other again.

Well, me being me. I wanted clarification so…

Darn, guess no Basketball Wives: Miami for Trina :giggle:


Kenyon also tweeted photos of his 3 children. So cute!

He never responded if he was specifically speaking on he and Trina but is anyone really concerned about anything else regarding him right now? Oh, you weren’t even concerned about that…