Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley discuss Ferguson on “Inside the NBA” [Video]


People always want to hear your opinion on things, until you say something they don’t want to hear. Charles Barkley has been entertaining us on Inside the NBA since 2001. The banter between the panel plus great basketball insight is what draws viewers to stay up late on Thursday nights.

Kenny Smith wrote an open letter in USA Today to discuss recent statements Chuck made regarding the Ferguson protests. Thursday night, they discussed the topic on air.


Barkley stated that he realizes he’s a black man. His point was that because “we” are black, we should know the system is against us, and work harder to make sure we don’t get caught up with the BS. But, he also said he doesn’t know that slavery was the worst thing ever…

I am all for discussing the issue. I like to know where people stand, so I believe in allowing people to have a voice. I have a strong filter. You aren’t going to agree with everyone on all points. But, you have to extend that right to the worst, in order to ensure that the best is protected as well.

Chuck has the right to share his opinion like anyone, how much value you place on them is up to you. The reality is, there are a lot of people that feel the same way Chuck does.

An open dialog among men that have differing viewpoints might just open someone’s eyes.