Karrueche Denies Dating Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson


Is Karrueche already on to the next? Rumors were circulating that Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson may have snagged Chris Brown’s ex on the rebound.

And as Thompson is an NBA All-Star on one of the NBA’s hottest teams, it should put him in that exclusive “date girls that pop up on TMZ” category. But it seems as if all the couple congratulations were a bit premature as Karreuche not only slammed those rumors but also threw Thompson the ultimate curve.

TMZ Sports caught up with Karrueche ask about her new “relationship status” with Thompson, and she revealed that she didn’t even know who he was.

“Who is Klay Thompson?” she asked. “I don’t even know who that is.”

OUCH. Nothing more insulting than a girl saying she doesn’t even know who you are.

But seeing as Klay recently signed a $70 million contract with the Warriors, he might be someone worth getting to know Karrueche. Just saying.