Kansas City PD release video of Jovan Belcher’s 3 AM conversation with police [video]

Video of Jovon Belcher’s encounter with three Kansas City police officers has been released by the KCPD. Police were alerted around 3 AM of a man sleeping in his Bentley and respond. After a brief conversation with Belcher the officers advised him to go upstairs to sleep.

Belcher indicated that he was visiting his other girl. He was not belligerent or upset while speaking with the officers. It also doesn’t appear the officers gave him any special treatment based on the fact that he was an NFL player.

Audio begins around the 4:57 mark.


“You just need to go upstairs. We’re trying to cut you a break here,” an officer can be heard saying to Belcher as they make certain that he is not driving.”

Belcher thanked the officers and said, “I really appreciate it,” before he went inside the building.


Police spokesman Capt. Steve Young told the Kansas City Star on Friday that there was no reason for officers to cite or hold him.

“There was no cause for a field test,” Young said, via the Kansas City Star. “The responding officers did not smell any alcohol. As you can see, there is no stumbling, there is no slurring. You need pieces in place to give a field sobriety test. You need indications.”

Video was also released of one of the police dashboard vehicles reporting to the scene at Arrowhead stadium. After exiting the car, the officer can be heard saying “I’ve got a sighting from afar. It looks like they’re in a negotiation.”


video via Huffington Post