Justin Timberlake hosts SNL for the 5th time; JayZ, the Harlem shake & more [video]


Justin Timberlake’s new album, “The 20/20 Experience” drops in a few days and of course the “Legends of Summer” tour with Jay Z begins later this year. What does all that mean for you and I? Promotional appearances. First up, JT hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time. Of course he was the musical guest too. The episode featured some of his memorable characters from his previous appearances and tons of special guests including Alec Baldwin, Jay Z and Steve Martin to name a few. Plus there was even a “Harlem Shake” drop.

Check a few clips:

The opening


Remember the time Justin and Andy Samberg created that quirky R&B duo to perform “Di*k in a box?” They’re back and for you old heads, there’s also an SNL original cast favorite thrown in the mix:



Harlem Shake?? Jigga what… check out Vegan Shake. Bonus, Trindad James, “All Gold Everything” JT style:



And finally, let’s see how two NBA owners get down on stage:



He also addressed Kanye’s rant from a few weeks ago. “My hits so sick got rappers acting dramatic”

OWWWWWWW! Now’s the part where I mention how much I love Justin… Jay too but yeah, LOVE!