Justin Timberlake drops “Suit & Tie” video featuring Jay Z [video]


Jay Z and Justin Timberlake are two of my favorite celebrity team owners – yes, we remember that it’s a minority interest, stop being the fun police please. The two have collaborated on Justin’s comeback single, “Suit & Tie.” Photos from the video shoot surfaced last month as the two watched their teams, the  Nets and Grizzlies, face off against each other. Naturally when the video dropped, at scene featured them watching a game on the flat screen.

I LOVE marketing! Also please pay attention as Jay Z is taking the anti Diddy approach in marking his D’USSE cognac. Where Diddy beats you over the head shouting Circoc 9 million times, Jay just slips it to you subliminally always being shown lately with a drink in hand.


The two are allegedly teaming up this summer for a tour! I will absolutely be at a show!