Judge Won’t Dismiss Harassment Lawsuit Against Shaq By Ex-Mistress Vanessa Lopez

You may have forgotten all about those pending lawsuits against Shaquille O’Neal but they are still there. Shaq and his lawyers attempted to have a lawsuit dismissed filed by one of Shaq’s alleged mistresses, Vanessa Lopez. In the suit, Lopez claims Shaq started harassing her after she told him she might be pregnant. Shaq then accused her of cheating on him (yes he was married at the time but I guess…) and then broke up with her. That’s when the harassment began.

In the suit, Lopez claims a number of scary incidents including a threatening text that Shaq allegedly sent to a friend of his saying, “dis is da numba shut dat b*tch up!”

Lopez says the friend responded with a text saying, “consider it done famo.” The friend then jumped on a plane to Orlando, Florida, and allegedly texted Lopez before calling her on her cell, sounding “menacing and sinister.”

In the papers, Lopez claims that Shaq’s family was in on the intimidation act too, making her fear for her safety. Lopez claims Shaq’s 6’6″ and 6’8″ sisters made verbal and physical threats against her.

A judge apparently felt there was enough there to allow the suit to continue. In response to Shaq’s request for the suit to be dismissed, the following was stated in court documents “Defendant’s motion to dismiss count 1 for assault is denied, defendant’s motion to dismiss count II for intentional infliction of emotional distress is denied.”

I wonder if Shaq will just pay to make this go away. So far, none of these accusations have seemed to hurt his post NBA career (albeit we’ve only just begun that portion of his career) I can’t wait for the commentary on Inside the NBA on Christmas.