Judge To Terrell Owens “Your Football Career Is Over”

I guess this is the point where you say *stuff* just got real for Terrell Owens. T.O. was in a California court recently attempting to get payments lowered for two of his children’s monthly child support payments. The judge apparently keeps up with both sports and reality TV and let Terrell know it’s probably a good time to start seeking out other employment options.

T.O.’s lawyer made it clear — his client is a man without a team and therefore a man without a paycheck. The judge went one step further, telling T.O. his prospects for a comeback are bleak.

Judge Marmaro said, “His NFL career seems to be over. I mean no disrespect.”  T.O. nodded his head in acknowledgment.

The judge didn’t want to leave T.O. hopeless, he also dropped this little nugget of wisdom on the former NFL WR; Kurt Warner was an arena league before he won a Superbowl…

:giggle: at least the judge has a heart right? A decision on the child support will be made soon.