Judge tells DWade’s ex Siohvaughn Funches-Wade she can’t tell kids ‘daddy had her arrested’

The good news for Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, she’s still allowed to see her two sons with Dwyane Wade in Florida should the judge in her criminal complaint approve her travel there. The bad news, she’s in a position where a judge is deciding when and how she can see her children. The ex-Mrs. Wade is facing misdemeanor charges, including child abduction.

Tuesday in a Chicago courtroom, Funches-Wade evoked her fifth amendment right not to speak on her behalf but the judge had a few choice words for her especially regarding what type of information she’s allowed to share with Zion and Zaire.

“If you tell them, ‘Your daddy got me arrested,’ I take away visitation,” Cook County Associate Judge Helaine Berger said. “The children should not be in the middle.”

Dwyane Wade was given sole custody of the children in 2011. His ex-wife was given visitation rights. Dwyane Wade’s attorney, James Pritikin, said Funches-Wade has been “unstoppable and relentless” in trying to alienate the children from their father.

Funches-Wade’s attorney said it was the basketball star who was doing a disservice to his children. He questioned why he wasn’t present in court Tuesday.

“He’s too busy to be involved with his children,” Michael Haber said, blaming Dwyane Wade’s celebrity for blowing a “misunderstanding” out of proportion

DWade was in New York making the media rounds coming off of the NBA finals win. Judge Berger will make an official ruling on visitation, July 9th.