Judge Dismisses Chris Bosh’s Lawsuit Against Ex-Girlfriend Allison Mathis Over Basketball Wives

Score victory #1 for “Basketball Wives”. Chris Bosh’s lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, Allison Mathis has been dismissed by a Los Angeles judge.

Back in early May, Bosh sued Shed Media, the producers of the show, and Mathis for allegedly infringing his trademark and publicity rights. The two parties, Bosh and Shed Media, eventually reached a settlement. At some point, Mathis was let go from the show.

Even though a settlement was reached, Bosh continued to pursue Mathis legally. Judge Dolly Gee dismissed the suit based on several factors (you can read the actual court documents HERE) including:

“Bosh requests an opportunity to conduct jurisdictional discovery in lieu of outright dismissal. His assertion that Mathis ‘is an aspiring actress . . .who has mastered a Californian accent’ is not a colorable showing that personal jurisdiction may exist over her. Rather, it amounts to ‘little more than a hunch that [discovery] might yield jurisdictionally relevant facts.'”

Gilbert Arenas still has a suit pending to try and block his ex-fiancee, (and mother of his 4 kids) Laura Govan from appearing on the L.A. version but I’d be willing to bet his suit suffers the same fate.

I wonder if season 4 of the Miami version will bring Alison back into the fold.