JR Smith’s Sister Stephanie And Girlfriend Britanie Have Another Fight With Fans In China [Photos]

This has to be a ploy to try to make this last month in JR Smith’s CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) contract canceled early. For the second time in less than a month, JR Smith’s sister Stephanie and his girlfriend Britanie Girard have gotten into a fight with Chinese fans during a game. This time the team was Tianjin.

According to Chinese news sources, conflict erupted after Tianjin fans heckled J.R. Smith as he went to the line late in the third quarter. After a Thunderstix was thrown onto the court by a spectator, Smith’s girlfriend got into a shoving match with Tianjin fans while his sister flipped the crowd off.

Stephanie Smith claims on her Twitter that she didn’t start the fight “this time,” and we can understand her description of the incident being different from Chinese sources that describe her as “a ton of bricks.”

Seriously, it’s time for the fam to head back to America. JR can finish this last month alone. It’s a safety factor at this point. I seriously could not imagine causing that much ruckus in a foreign country. Good luck with that.

The Knicks are said to be interested in JR’s services once he’s wrapped up in China. With his prior rep for being a headache and now these two incidents, do you think this impacts his future play in the NBA?