JR Smith says he’s not dating Love & Hip-hop ATL’s KMichelle


Knicks JR Smith is fond of letting his 190K Twitter fans in on all aspects of his life including his relationships. It was just a week ago that JR was spotted at “Kiss & Fly” with reality starlet KMichelle. JR tweeted that she was going home with him after the club that night.

Looks like it was a one night only deal as yesterday JR made it clear that he is SINGLE- well that’s not how he spelled it but, the message was clear – No significant other in his life right now.

Check the Tweets:



When someone alerted KMichelle to JR’s stance, she immediately piped in on Twitter saying that he dumps her every two weeks.



Ladies, this is why it’s never a good idea to allow a man to broadcast he’s taking you home after the club on his social network. I mentioned that on Twitter also, JR took a bit of offense to my statement though. :shrug: I can appreciate his honesty about the situation with KMichelle, he should be able to understand why I say no self respecting woman wants random people to know a guy took her home for the night and publicly distanced himself from her a week later.

That’s just common sense, right?