JR Smith on the connection between showering before games and his future wife


Listen up ladies. Twitter and Instagram aren’t the only way of catching an athlete’s attention. You might actually score the athlete of your dreams just by attending the games. Cleveland Cavs JR Smith recently revealed a secret showering habit he does, just in case his future wife is in the stands.

From Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

Funny moment pregame. I noticed Smith walking out of the shower prior to the game, which struck me as odd and led to this exchange.

Me: “You shower before every game?”

Him: “Yep.”

Me: “Gotta look good at all times, huh?”

Him: “Yep. You never know when your future wife might be in the stands.”

That’s not just a funny comeback. Players – JR Smith included – pay the balls boys decent money to go get girl’s numbers in the stands at games. Keep that in mind when you’re buying seats for the game. Sitting across from the bench, directly behind it, or in the lower bowl behind the basket are great places to get spotted from the sidelines.

Oh and guys, never forget that Earl the III gave you a warning.


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