JR Smith offers his “pipe” via Twitter DM


JR Smith and Twitter are the source of endless amount of unexpected comedy. I like to refer to Twitter as dine and deliver for athletes. Their follower list is like a menu where they order up their entrees via DM. Last month while the Knicks were on a road trip in Philly, one of JR’s followers sent him a DM to let him know she’d be attending his game against the Sixers. From there, a simple smiley face turned into this:




Oh Earl… you didn’t even hit her with a “how’s your day.” Perhaps they had been DMing each other prior to his romantic overture. JR did respond to this on Instagram:


Witty… Oh one additional piece of info. This chick was allegedly a high school senior per Deadspin. JR had a response for that too:


I guess when you have women publicly professing to writing whole albums about you and crying for days after their break up with you, it’s easy to think “you trying to get this pipe?” is a winner.

So here’s the real question, how did she respond?