John Wall Says He Can’t Be Faithful In A Relationship Right Now


Honesty is an important characteristic. Especially when you’re dealing with relationships. NBA All-Star John Wall recently revealed why he won’t be getting into a serious relationship anytime soon.


“The lady life is great for John Wall, man,” Wall said. “I’m single. … I see it as, I’m young. I feel like if I came into the game with a girl I was in love with, it’s different. There’s been a couple ladies I liked, wanted to date. But I know I wouldn’t be faithful right now. I’ll be honest, though, I’ll be honest. I’d rather be friends and stay that way than go with a girl, lose a friend and never talk to her again. I’m not ready to be faithful, so I’ll be honest with a woman, and I don’t want to break nobody’s heart.”

The key thing about this, he isn’t messing with some woman’s reality. That’s where people mess up. Now a woman knows if she chooses to date him, that it won’t be an exclusive situation. That means no getting upset if he’s following Instagram vixens, and flying out chick 2B.

Ladies, are you still dating an NBA All-Star under these circumstances?