Joe Johnson’s 500 Sq. Foot Closet [Photo]


I have A LOT of clothes, shoes and accessories so naturally, I love closets. Hawks star Joe Johnson has a 500 sq foot, (20 feet in height) closet that sounds like a little slice of heaven to me.

In it he displays over 436 pairs of sneakers (some he hasn’t worn but I’m sure there are a few pairs worth a lot to a sneaker head). His foolish purchases of his youth (he has a $150,000 necklace that he bought early in his career that he says he’d never spend that type of money on now displayed as a reminder), about 20 watches and of course, lots of blazers.

I also spy bottles of Bond no 9 ( I loveeeeeee several of the scents. Mandatory!) Photo labeled shoe holders, hardwood floors and mirrored floors. Is it strange to declare love for a closet? A little… oh, ok.

To get more details on Joe’s closet contents, check out ESPN The Magazine