JJ Redick says he never got Vanessa Lopez pregnant


Newly minted Clipper JJ Redick is a little upset that the details of his confidentiality contract with Vanessa Lopez were leaked to the public. Redick took to Twitter to explain that he never got Vanessa Pregnant.


Ok, A. I don’t think anyone with a decent reading comprehension level thought that. The abortion aspect was just a clause. Clearly this was a jump off protection contract. Considering Vanessa Lopez’s history of getting players caught up; her accusations and lawsuit against Shaq and, she also was accused of stealing Knicks Kenyon Martin’s credit card and charging a bunch of clothes online.

According to a 2007 police report filed in Colorado, Martin — a former #1 pick — claimed that Lopez got into his wallet without permission and used his credit card to buy $6485.90 worth of clothes on couturecandy.com. Martin’s bank notified him of the fraudulent charges when they noticed an incorrect billing address was being used for the purchases. According to the docs, the case was cracked because the perp shipped all the merchandise to a “Vanessa Lopez” in Florida
I don’t think Redick should be ashamed that he wanted to enjoy the groupie perks yet protect himself in the process. That’s smart thinking.
The details became available because of an affidavit that was relating to the case against Shaq, that was ultimately dismissed with the judge calling her a “liar.”
I told you athletes love a referral.