Jimmy Kimmel Sued Because Of Lebron James skit

Jimmy Kimmel and ABC are being sued by an orthodox Jewish Rabbi who claims his image was used without consent in a skit that poked fun at Lebron’s journey to “The Decision” last summer. If you recall, Lebron met with Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto allegedly for business advice.

In his parody, Kimmel claimed that he himself had met with Rabbi Pinto for advice and showed the audience a video of the exchange. Rabbi Dovid Sondik, also known as the “Flying Rabbi is the actual Rabbi featured. He claims that Kimmel & ABC  spliced footage from his YouTube videos for the skit without his consent.

The Rabbi Sondik is a bit “off” but he probably has a case as the lifted video’s use was in violation of YouTube’s terms of service.  Check out one of the Rabbi’s videos