Jill’s Super Bowl Recap; The Commercials & Performances [Video]

Can I be honest? I didn’t care who won the Super Bowl. I was in it for the commercials and halftime show. Sadly both of those left me feeling a bit empty. Kim Kardashian is beautiful but it’s painful to watch her attempt to “act”.

Diddy is still finding ways to permeate America’s fiber. How did he get a Super Bowl spot??

I know this Eminem commercial was meant to spur some sort of emotion in me but, Detroit is a dead city. I know, I KNOW but, I can’t see the shiny factor in it. SORRY!

Wait, how did Em get TWO commercials?

I think I’m a closet Black Eyed Peas fan. I LOVE Fergie. While the production on this performance was stellar (I love lights, I love the tron inspired influence) overall, I was still left feeling, eh. And then when Usher was lowered from the roof or whatever, I started to get excited… until it became apparent that Usher isn’t that young, energetic guy he used to be.

I mean cheerleading stunts??? But he was a good back up dancer on his own song I suppose.

I have a “Thing” for Adrian Brody. I can’t explain it. I don’t even know what this spot was for…

This was probably my FAV. Fonzi, Family Guy, the BRADYS!! How I met your mother. Yay. Good job NFL.

Finally, Charles Woodson of the Packers. woooowwwww I remember when he used to play for the Raiders. He’s sexy! I’m sue that trophy eases the pain of the broken collar bone he received in the first half

Yeah, that’s all I got! ::giggles::