Jets Qb Mark Sanchez spotted having dinner with Eva Longoria [photo]


I keep trying to tell you, “Jocks love a referral.” Need yet another example? Jets QB Mark Sanchez was spotted having dinner with actress – and Spurs guard Tony Parker’s ex-wife- Eva Longoria and friends in Jersey. The photo was snapped at Donald Trump’s National Golf club where Sanchez lives.  Interested in the cougar stats? He’s 25, she’s 37. The pair allegedly have been spending quite a bit of time together including a rumored vacation for the holiday weekend to the Caribbean.

But back to My theory, “Jocks love a referral.” Although conventional wisdom says that athletes don’t want a woman who has been with other athletes, I find that to be false. In fact, I believe that in a lot of ways, it heightens her desirability factor. Jocks are extremely competitive. Cars, shoes video games, bottle service and yes, WOMEN. I like to call this the “Me too” factor. You got that car, me too. You copped those shoes, me too. You bagged that chick, ME TOO! Trust, this is a conversation that happens over and over again in locker rooms, on charter flights or while playing the latest version of Madden.

It’s yet another layer of the athlete’s competitive nature. And it’s not just a situation that happens with “celebrity chicks.” But maybe Eva and Mark are just working on a charity project like she was with Matt Barnes last year…


Curtsy to New York Post