Jets Player Moves Into Parents Home To Prepare For NFL Lockout

The recession, economic downturn or however you’d like to title this recent finacial crisis has sent many back to their parents homes but the last person you’d expect to be in that situation in an NFL player.

Jets guard Matt Slauson has moved his wife and baby in with his parents while the labor deal is being worked out as a precaution to save money.

“I’m constantly working with my budgets, I know that this week could be my last week in the NFL, and then I won’t have any more checks coming in.” Slauson said to The New York Times

Matt made $410,000 last season and started all 16 games for the Jets -and was featured on Hard Knocks last summer. Hey that’s where I first became acquainted with him.

I’m just curious what Matt’s other expendutures might be. While $400K in the NFL isn’t a lot, in the grand scheme of things, I’m sure he should be able to maintain a household on that figure. :shrug: nothing wrong with being thrifty in these times though.