Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea Drop “Booty” video [Video]


While Lakers star Nick Young has proclaimed he wants all rookies to refer to him as “Daddy Swag” this season, his girlfriend, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea also is having an eventful week. Following up the couple celebrating their one-year anniversary at Target- that’s where they had their first date, she’s also in some video news.


Iggy is featured on the remix of Jennifer Lopez’s new single, “Booty.” And yes, both Iggy and JLo show their bootiful blessings off in the clip.


I blame Nicki Minaj.

Iggy has a few other things popping off this week as well. An ex-boyfriend is threatening to release a sex tape featuring a young Iggy. Iggy’s lawyers have switched up positions a few times, at first claiming no tape existed, then claiming if it does exist, she was underage. And lastly, her legal eagles threatening to sue the ex, a Houston rapper who goes by the name of Hefe Wine.

Iggy claims that in 2009, after shooting the tape with her, he illegally copied the data from her computer. She claims that he downloaded the entire contents of her computer’s data, which included unreleased master recordings.

In addition to that, she’s also suing for forgery, because Wine claims he has the written rights to her music and music videos. Wine claims she signed a document giving him sole rights to market music videos featuring Iggy. That’s how he was going to sell the rights to Vivid. Of course those documents would’ve been for her budding music career, but add some music to the tape and there you go.

Iggy’s lawyers are saying it’s a fake document.