Jacoby Jones on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” [video]



Did you catch Ravens breakout star Jacoby Jones on Jimmy Kimmel Live? There were absolutely a few jokes. Most notably about Jones’ dance techniques and “Dancing With the Stars.”


Jimmy Kimmel: You’re known for your touchdown dances, is that something you think about, plan out beforehand?
Jacoby Jones: Duh!
Jimmy Kimmel: It is?
Jacoby Jones: Listen, I have my dances, make ‘em up and through the week of practice I do them. I do my dance, see what my teammates think and they be like, ‘yea, do that.’
And then the night before the game, I’ll be in the mirror practicing the whole time.

Jimmy Kimmel: Would you consider being on Dancing with the Stars? As a representative of the ABC television network, I would like to offer you the chance to compete on Dancing with the Stars. What do you think about that?
Jacoby Jones: Let me ask you this, do polar bears poo on ice?
Jimmy Kimmel: I’m relatively sure they do though I have not witnessed it.
Jacoby Jones: I hope they don’t do it in water, that’s nasty.

Funny stuff right. Really quick question though; WHAT is Jacoby wearing? You are a champion, please adjust accordingly.