Iyanla tells Terrell Owens he became a victim of his talent [video]


On November 2nd, Terrell Owens episode of “Iyanla, Fix My Life” will air. We’ve heard the story about Owens descent into being jobless at 40 with four baby’s mamas quite a few times now, but this time we’ll get Iyanla’s few of Terrell’s situation and her recommendations for him to get his life back in order.

Through a series of emotional heart-to-heart sessions, Iyanla uncovers the pain from Terrell’s childhood—rarely seeing his mother and not knowing the identity of his father—and soon realizes that some of Terrell’s bad behavior on and off the field likely stems from his feelings of abandonment as a child. It is immediately apparent that the relationship with his mother and father must be healed before he can move forward, including fixing the relationship with his own children.