Is someone shopping a sex tape featuring Draya and her Ex?


Sex tapes have been a career booster for some, but will we see one featuring “Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michelle?

Draya’s ex-boyfriend David Miranda claims that someone is shopping a sex tape featuring him and Draya, he’s filed suit in small claims court to get it back.

Miranda filed suit in NY small claims court … for loss of “private documents.” David tells us the private “doc” in question is actually a sex tape.

David says he and Draya were banging from Jan. 2011 to Sept. 2013 … and have videos meant for their eyes only — and now he’s upset someone is pimping it.

Miranda blames Draya’s for the alleged footage ending up in the wrong hands.

Draya claims that there is no tape, and Miranda- or someone- has just figured out “clever ways to get money from her.” It’s not the first time that this alleged tape has come up, a few years ago the reality star said someone was threatening her with exposing a tape. At the time many assumed it would feature Draya and another ex, Chris Brown.

In other Draya news, “Basketball Wives LA” is set to begin shooting soon. So far the only cast members confirmed to return are Draya and Jackie Christie.