Is Reggie Bush Texting Kim Kardashian Telling Her The Wedding Is A Mistake?

Are you ready for the next Kim Kardashian giggle? It’s being reported by “sources” that Miami Dolphins RB, Reggie Bush has been texting and calling Kim telling her “she’s making a mistake marrying Kris Humphries and that he’s the one for her. In the past, Kim was friendly to Reggie, but now she’s stopped responding.” He allegedly reached out on August 4th, coincidentally while Kim was in New York at Vera Wang’s bridal studio.

Really?? Perhaps I’m taking the wrong approach to this BUT, Reggie is in Miami now where a bunch of Kim K knock offs would be more than happy to help him move on. Also, let’s be real, have you seen the lack of chemistry with Kim and Kris??? Plus, Reggie knows how badly Kim wants a wedding, the ultimate dress up fantasy!

But, never say never I suppose anything is possible! Accept Kim calling off her wedding. 🙂

you were thinking it too!


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