Instagram Flexin: Brandon Jennings Wants A Daughter But His Mom Says No More Kids


Pistons guard Brandon Jennings is really smitten with his new fianceé, actress Tae Heckard. Jennings is already planning to add a daughter to his family. Jennings has two sons – by two different women – so when he posted on his Instagram account that he was ready to add a daughter to the mix, his mom chimed in with her thoughts on a potential new grandchild.

” To keep it 100, no more babies. 2 is enough.”


Opp! Now we know where his mom stands. This isn’t the first time she’s weighed in with her opinion on his social media about his kids. A year ago she and one of his son’s mothers had an Instagram tiff about child support and lifestyle.


I don’t think I’d want my mom following me on Instagram or any social network.