Insecure Star Jay Ellis Talks His Time With The Portland “JailBlazers”

Insecure star Jay Ellis wasn’t always on the Hollywood track. Back in the day, Jay actually was a public relations intern for the Portland Trailblazers.

The co-star of the HBO hit “Insecure” recently shared a few stories about his time during the “Jail Blazers” era in Portland while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


“It was probably the darkest years in NBA history,” Ellis said. “It was a crash course in learning what not to do in life. I was an intern in the PR department. Exactly. You can feel my pain. So I learned how to write a lot of press releases, man. Basically, every time the players would get in trouble, we would have to like spin some story as to why they got in trouble, which usually was just an apology to the fans and to the NBA, because there’s only so many times you can say ‘no, it wasn’t them. They weren’t driving from Seattle with a bunch of weed in the car. They’re so sorry, and they’ll never do it again, until next week.’”


If you’re unfamiliar with the infamous Portland team from the early 2000’s, the team was coached by Maurice Cheeks and featured a talented group of guys that took the JailBlazers to the Western Conference finals two years in a row.  it included incidents like Rasheed Wallace and Damon Stoudamire getting stopped by the state police for smoking weed driving back from a Seattle Sonics game, Zach Randolph shattering teammate Reuben Patterson’s eye-socket, and random police raids.

Zach Randolph was recently arrested for weed in LA while hanging out in the Nickerson Gardens area of Watts.