Iman Shumpert Drops New Rap Detailing The Problems Being Rich And Famous


No matter your profession, if you are the person in your family with the most access to financial security, you automatically become to go-to for friends and family experiencing distress in that area.

Iman Shumpert recently re-signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers for a $40 million contract over the next four years. His new song, “290 West,” details the stress that comes with being everybody’s personal investment fund.

The point of the song was to make the listener feel like they’re riding with me back home in [Chicago] as we head out west to my mother’s house. This song is the conversation I would have with my audience in the sense that I’m venting to them about my everyday and [ongoing] battle of being a bread winner back home.

With lyrics like:
“I’m getting pulled from all over. I hear the sad stories and get long texts like ‘Dog, I hate to ask for it.”

“While I smile at my savings, my makers ain’t living right. And that just ain’t sitting right.”

It’s a window into the familiar theme of more money, more problems. But these are the sorts of problems the average person will say they’re gladly willing to take on.

photo via Instagram