I already Miss “Inside the NBA” [video]


We are down to the final games of the NBA season. The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs face off against each other for the 2013 NBA title. That also means with the Heat’s defeat of the Indiana Pacers, the last time we see the “Inside the NBA” crew with EJ, Kenny, Shaq and Chuck until next season- or in spurts on NBATV. I’ll admit that first season was a bit rocky with Shaq. He wasn’t quite sure of his place within the show – there’s always going to be a learning curve- but initially I felt he really didn’t have much to say if it wasn’t a lame joke. But, he’s rebounded nicely and found a balance and the chemistry is coming together.

At anyrate, check out the final and one of the best shows of the season. Chuck was in rare form,going in on the women of San Antonio, them “old housewives ass shows”- Shaq giggled- knocking out Flo Rida in an alley and more. I LOVE IT!