How Did Your Favorite Athlete Spend The Weekend??

This weekend seemed to be particularly active for a few of your Favorite Sports Stars

(well maybe MY but I’m sure you like 1 or 2 of them)

Thanks to WSHH for the screenshot

  • Apparently Carmelo Anthony spent a portion of his weekend trying to figure out how (and more importantly WHY) someone hacked into his twitter page to offer $5,000 to

the 1st person to smack up Kat Stacks (2010 version of superhead but a tad grimier). Kat decided she wanted to throw a few jabs at Carmelo on twitter just because that’s what she does. Lala (Melo’s wife) sent her a warning shot and at that VERY MOMENT someone HACKED into Melo’s twitter and responded with the offending tweets (gee they even used an iPhone to access twitter just like Melo does too). The offending tweets are now gone and Carmelo is now back firmly in control of his twitter page. The lesson here kids, when the wind blows trash your way, step over it and keep it moving. How absurd would it have been for Melo to get in trouble and he hasn’t even dipped a baby toe in that cess pool! Lala Just wave your ring at those types! No need for you to sully the reputation you’ve worked hard to build Mrs. Anthony (or send the goons shhhhhh lowkey) lol

I question both the men who deal with her and the promoter in DC that's booking her. EWWWWWWWW

  • Meanwhile one of my favorite young players and an LA native lost a bet over the weekend and well, ummmmmmm this was how he had to pay up

Lady Gaga Brandon??? Ok, I’m not going to dog you like everybody else has I’m even going to give you a chance to redeem yourself by showing off your Dougie

Yeahhhhhh, that wasn’t to great either but they shouted you out in the song so I’m riding with you!

  • Ok so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t provide you with a Superfriends update right? Right!!

Gabrielle looks extremely fresh faced. I like them together.

Alright so while DWade was in the Hamptons with Gabby taking in The BridgeHampton Polo challenge in Ralph Lauren (very appropriate no?)

photo credit: Henry Dziekan / Retna Digital

Chris Bosh popped the question to girlfriend Adrienne Williams in Miami on Friday. The couple has been dating for a year and so far everywhere he’s been this summer, she’s been right by his side. Even on his guest spot on Entourage this summer. Go head lil mama, I see you! Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Kobe, Vanessa and their daughter Natalia took in an Angels game over the weekend. Natalia was bestowed with the honor of throwing out the 1st pitch! Life is good when your dad is the True King of the Basketball universe!