Has VH1 Finally Given Evelyn Lozada Her Own Spin Off?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Basketball Wives Miami star Evelyn Lozada was prepared to skip season 4 of the show. When Evelyn let produces know of her plans, they put together a package that she couldn’t turn down.

The producers have allegedly cut the time in half that Lozada is required to shoot and given her raise. They’ve also adjusted her shooting schedule to ensure she never misses one of OchoCinco’s games and has ample time to travel to L.A. where her daughter has started college this fall.

But the crown jewel in the package, a spinoff show featuring Evelyn and Ochocinco leading up to their wedding. Yeah, I know… we’ve heard all of this before but time will reveal all, right?

As for season 4, shooting began a month or so ago. All the ladies have returned including Suzie (snooze) and the addition of two more women. This time the cast is splitting time between New York and Miami. Check out an interview Shaunie O’Neal did with Hip-Hollywood on the upcoming season.


The new season is set to air in February. I can’t say I’m excited but perhaps they’ll surprise me.