Golf Wives?? Real Housewives Of The PGA Tour Headed To A Reality Show?

Everyone else is cashing in on the reality TV show fad, why not the PGA. With the exception of the Tiger Woods scandal, I doubt most of the “cool kids” consider Professional golf to be a hot bed for excitement and drama. Apparently a few wives of the Pro golfers beg to differ.

Liz Estes wife of Pro Golfer Bob Estes, Melissa Weber Jones, wife of Matt Jones and a former Miss Idaho, and Alli MacKenzie, Will MacKenzie’s wife and a model who was  featured in FHM, Leot Chen, Vaughn Taylor’s fiancée, and Erin Walker, Jimmy’s wife have teamed up with Reverb Collective (an L.A. marketing firm) to cause a little static and perhaps get the attention of a network to produce and air a reality show on their lives.

Honestly, outside of Tiger and Arnold Palmer, I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge on Golf’s superstars. But since these women are the self proclaimed “Bad girls of the golfing world”,  should it be picked up maybe I’ll give it a go…Oh and I should also point out, not all of these ladies are WIVES either. Just sharing! ::giggles::

The ladies put together a racy photo shoot to help pique your interest.